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Wednesday 7 April 2010 @ 6:53 am

There ads on this blog. Really. You probably do not see it, if you use adblock for firefox or similar solution.

Turn AdBlock off and look at right column. First, there are ads about perl – form Gabor – I wrote about it here. Then a few adsense (from Google). They should match the content of this blog. And then is a link to one particular book I like very much.

And guess what? No one clicks the ads from Google. I see that in my stats. Even though those ads are matched to site content – as you can see. I doubt if anyone clicks the ads from Gabor either (by analogy – beside, I guess, most geeks use adblock and similar solutions – so they do not even see it – and those ads are intended for THEM). If you have clicked and ad here – either from Gabors perl ad server, or google – raise your hand (add a comment).


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