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Wednesday 16 September 2009 @ 6:55 am

Wow,this would be four weeks  since joining ironman challenge.

Recently I was wondering about pros and cons of working as Perl developer in two ways:

1) In office, in a big company

2) by telecommuting or other way working in other place that the employer is

They have both advantages and disadvantages.

In office, advantages are: nice colleagues (I am lucky to have them now), free coffe and tea and milk and sugar and…, constant daily routine, a bit of fun/laughing/relax everyday (face it, noone works 100% of the time – it would be also bad for their creativity, physical and mental health etc – for example we are advise to stop looking at minitor every hour for about 5 minutes), fixed hours with some flexibility. Disadvantages: daily commute, trafic jams, earnings based on world region/country, even city.

Telecommute: higher earnings, possiblity to geoarbitrage (I mean earning in one country, living in another – cheaper, or even constantly travel – for more ideas on this see: 4HWW ), no commute, no traffic jams. Disadvantages: I assume you are paid on results – so if you screw up, you have free work overtime. No colleagues, no free coffe nor tea. Your home is your work – that is not good. Unless you rent some office space or use shared working place. Hard to say more, I never worked like this.

What do you think?


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