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Tuesday 27 October 2009 @ 6:55 am

Lately I was thinking about implementing logging (as in login/password) into a website with Perl. I mean, that I want to have a dynamic website, where users can login using login and password and do some stuff.

After googling for “how to make login site” mostly PHP session solutions came up. When I added “perl” to that google query, half of results was about logging into someone’s website (wget, LWP, WWW::Mechanize etc) and not making a login feature in existing dynamic website. Search for “perl authentication” found more relevant stuff.

Some pages suggested using .htaccess. Bleh. Beside, I want to have user in a SQL database.

One result pointed to CGI::Session on cpan. Nice. CGI::Session::Auth – nice too 🙂 There is also Apache::Session to be found on cpan.

There was also a hint, to find a perl web forum script and see how it is done there. We’ll, I did it with one forum script, and found that user login and crypted password is stored in a cookie. Nice.

There also books that talk about how to do web authentication: Perl for Web Site Management or CGI programming with Perl

Here we have some design patterns: and also: and . Even nicer 🙂

But I still look for ultimate “how to” with examples about authorizing users (register, login, remind password etc.)  into some kind of dynamic website with Perl. Any hints?

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