Perl 5.11.3

Wednesday 20 January 2010 @ 6:55 am

New version of perl – 5.11.3 was released. The next version will be (as they hope) 5.12

Waht is new in perl 5.11.3?

  • Perl is shipped with Unicode version 5.2, itself released in October 2009.
  • Perl can now handle every Unicode character property.
  • The experimental ‘legacy’ pragma, introduced with Perl 5.11.2 has been removed. Its functionality has been replaced with the ‘feature’ pragma.
  • Numerous CPAN “toolchain” modules have been updated to what we hope are the final release versions for Perl 5.12.0.
  • Many crashing bugs or regressions from earlier releases of Perl were fixed for this release.

In my opinion is is very good, that perl 5 is still developed, as version 6 have still a long way to go, before it may be used (first, by enthusiasts, then by  coders, next by big companies that need reliability and stability)


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