Having nice background colors in Spreadsheet::WriteExcel

Wednesday 7 October 2009 @ 10:03 am

If you want to make Excel spreadsheet using perl module Spreadsheet::WriteExcel with, for example, orange or yellow backgorund in some cells, you can use the built-in palette, but the colours there may burn your eyes 🙂

How to have nice colours in spreadsheets: use set_custom_color($index, $red, $green, $blue)

For example:

my $light_orange = $workbook->set_custom_color(43, 255, 226, 171);
my $ligth_yellow = $workbook->set_custom_color(42, 255, 255, 204);
my $light_purple = $workbook->set_custom_color(40, 225, 204, 255);

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