Perl – why not popular

Wednesday 30 September 2009 @ 6:53 am

My wife asked me: why did you choose perl? I told her that it is easy and robust, allows quick development, effective writing scripts that will be used just one time etc. To back it, I  gave a few examples: when you want to sort, you just use sort, no need to implementing it. When you wat to open file, you just open file. And those regexps – are awesome great.

Then, my wife asked me another question – ok, if it is so great, why do so few people and companies write in it?

This was question I couldn’t find answer for. I told her about that is not so easy to make .exe file from perl script, but as I heard strawberry perl is good in doing it. Or PAR. I’ll have to look closely at them both in near future. Anyway, in C/C++ it is the most natural way to run the program – to make executable of it 🙂 In Perl it is not the natural way. And some companies prefer to have executable files, for example to sell them 🙂

Anyway, that is good question: Why Perl is not so popular as C-something, or java?


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