Perl, PHP, corporate – continued.

Wednesday 10 March 2010 @ 6:44 am

Remember when I wrote about Perl, Python and PHP taking bigger part in corporate world? Here is nice analysis that shows that PHP growth in this one particular job ads service is not linked to the growing search for “multilingual” developers (java or .net or C#, VB, ASP – and PHP) but for PHP-focused developers.

Other interesting thing is that the jaw-dropping chart shown in the “crashing the enterprise party.” article shows growth of given language job ads, not absolute number. See absolute number for opening your eyes 🙂

See, that absolute numbers show that Perl is higher than PHP and Python, although PHP and Pyhon are rising, while Perl is on one level.

One more thing – Savio compared PHP and other langs + PHP combbniations (see here). What if we add Perl? See. Wow.

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