Perl is not dead?

Thursday 21 July 2016 @ 8:46 am

So, is Perl still not dead, as I heard on the conferences in Pisa or Lisbon?

Let’s see some data.

Are people interested in it or using it – measured by google search trends:

Trendy Google perl Caly swiat 2004

Not good.

How about the newest Perl 6? (By the way: do people use Perl 6 in real, big projects? Please post examples in comments 🙂 )

Trends Google perl 6 World 2004

Not good either…

How about the great community repository – CPAN? (not to be confused with Szczepan 🙂  )

Trends cpan World since 2004


Perhaps all those people dumped Perl and started using PHP and Python…


Trendd perl, php, python, ruby,

WTF? They did not. PHP is declining too!

Python is on one level, rising just slightly. Going head to head with Ruby.

BTW: interesting article here about Perl and Python – but Python did nor rise as much as the author expected.

Maybe Javascript is the new black (you know you can use JS server side, strange, huh)? Perhaps, but – for example – Angular does not look too great on that chart above, compared to PHP, Python and Ruby.

Let’s look closer:

Trends angular, javascript, jquery

What? Javascript is going down too? And jQuery too? WTF? If everything goes down, what goes up then?

Yes, Angular rising a little, but come on, it is still nothing compared to JS, Python etc.

So maybe we’ll look at job trends?

php, perl, ruby, javascript, python Job Trends


Well… Perl going down fastest, but PHP and JS nearly as fast. Ruby is on the same level, after some ups and downs, and Python… rises.

If everything (except Python) goes down – what goes up? What language will be most popular in next years? Go? C-something, Swift? CoffeeScript or another JS-something? Please post your thoughts in comments.


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