Perl as good as java, python and PHP way above

Wednesday 3 March 2010 @ 6:44 am

If we compare languages by number of jobs offers, and take into account just one site with job offers, we may think that:

Perl as good as java, python and PHP are way above

There are a few articles about growing popularity of open source and languages like PHP and Python in corporate world. See cnet, o’rly and gazeta (in Polish).

Until now, java and .NET seemed to be the most popular in corporate world. Now is time for Python, PHP, Perl, and open source solutions. For example Farmville, very popular online game, with million of users, is said to run on LAMP stack.

There is also opinion that companies like Zend or ActiveState give “corporate face” to open source. And yes, open source is not free (as free beer) – you often have to (or are willing to) pay for support, knowledge, contractors etc. (vide MySQL Enterprise).

But, returning to the title of this post – on the graph in cnet article– you can see that there is the same amout of job offers for java and perl developers, some more for .NET, much much more and rising for PHP and even more (and rising more) for python.

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